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Frequently Asked Questions about the Don White Block:

Quick Links Q: What is the “Don White Block”?

A: The “Don White Block” is a special room block at the Kalahari not available to the general public - There are a limited number of rooms set aside at a rate well below the regular Kalahari rates.

Q: Who is eligible to join the group? How do I join in?

A: Anyone who calls Kalahari reservations and mentions the “Don White Block” can reserve rooms in the block. You can also join by reserving a room online through the links on my website. One more way you can join the group is by e-mailing me donwhiteblock@gmail.com and asking to be added to my e-mail list. When you stay at the Resort in my block, you’ll get flyers for more upcoming special dates too.

Q: What’s the catch?

A: The only catch is that you must sign up for one of the special dates listed. The special price is not available or transferable to other dates. There is no sales presentation (Thank goodness - I sure hate those!) and no one will try to sell you anything. These are just dates that the Kalahari has offered me at incredible rates.  Because of that, I get to offer them to my group at what is considered by most everyone to be the best Kalahari deal that they have ever seen.   It certainly is a “win-win” situation. You get an incredible rate and the Kalahari gets some income instead of an empty room.

Q: Are there any special scheduled group activities?

A: There are no scheduled group activities, so you are completely free & on your own to enjoy all of the amenities and explore the resort as you please. Many people do sign up with friends, family and coworkers, so they set up their own schedule & activities.

Q: Who is “Don White?”

A: I am a REALTOR and retired teacher in Madison, Wisconsin. I am married and have five kids and one grandchild. Even though we’ve been to the Kalahari about 200 times, we still look forward to every trip. My favorite activity at the Kalahari? - I can’t get enough of the Flowrider!

Q: How did the “Don White Block” get started?

A: I started by setting up a trip for the middle school that I teach at and for the elementary school that my kids went to. Word spread about how wonderful the trips were and soon I got lots of inquiries like “can you set up a trip like that for my school/ church/ sports team/ office?” It wasn’t long before planning these trips became a second job for me.

Q: Who currently participates in “The Don White Block”?

A: Each date is a combination of several groups. Many schools and other organizations will pick a date and promote it to their families. Each date also includes returning “Don White Block” guests who often invite friends and family to come with them. Word of mouth and the internet also bring in new families to each event. We will usually have between 100-300 rooms for each date.

Q: Can we get an event set up for our school/ church/ sports team/ office?

A: Certainly, as long as one of my upcoming dates will work. Just let me know and I’ll make up a flyer especially for your organization for the date you pick. E-mail me donwhiteblock@gmail.com with any specifics that you might need on the flyer. Be sure to plan to get all promotion materials out at least 1-2 weeks before the deadline. There is no cost or minimum room obligation for your organization, and all of the work (except promotion within your organization) is already set up by me.  See the groups tab for more information.

Q: What exactly does “the deadline” mean?

A: The deadlines are 30 days before each trip. Up until that time, I have 100-300 rooms blocked off exclusively for my guests at the special rate. At the deadline, any rooms remaining in my block go back to general hotel reservations. Sometimes after the deadline they can still honor the special rate - depending on if they have that type of room left and how full the hotel is.

Q: What happens if I missed the 30-day deadline?

A: If you missed the deadline, you should certainly still try to call. My advice is don't give up on the first call either - it doesn't hurt to wait a few days and try again, often there are cancellations or extra rooms made available. Many guests have told me they did get in after the deadline on the second or third call.

Q: Can I get several rooms blocked together?

A: The best way to ensure that you will have rooms blocked together is by registering for them in the same name, and at the same time. Each room can have an “additional name” listed that is also authorized to check in to that room.  Some of my room choices also guarantee connecting rooms.  The "Combo Suite" is two connected rooms (one "hut" and one "lodge"), and the "Village Suite" consists of three connected rooms (one "lodge" connected to a "hut" on each side).

Q: Can I invite friends, extended family, coworkers, etc?

A: YES! Spread the word! The biggest growth in my groups have been families who loved the experience and came back again with friends, families, coworkers, etc. Please feel free to forward my e-mails and give out my website: www.kalaharifamilynights.com. You have my permission to put a link on your website, either to my homepage or the specific reservation link for the date that you are getting people together for.
Q: What time can I check into my room?

A: Guaranteed check-in is 4 PM - if your room is ready earlier you are certainly welcome to check in early.  You are welcome to use the water park & facilities starting at noon.  Check-out time is 11 AM but you are welcome to use the water park and facilities until 9 PM in Wisconsin Dells and 3 PM in Sandusky on your check-out day.

Q: When do I have to pay for the room?

A: Your credit card will be billed for the first night when you make the reservation - for multi-day stays, the balance will be charged when you come for your stay.

Q: Does the room include waterpark passes?

A: Your room includes waterpark passes for all registered guests for all days that you are there - including both your check-in day (starting at noon) and check out day (lasting until 9:00 PM in Wisc Dells and 3 PM in Sandusky) These passes are included with your room package.

Q: Does the room include the Tom Follerys Theme Park (Wisc. Dells) passes?

A: "Admission" to the Theme Park area is free.   Rides, activities and arcade games are pay as you go.  You can also get a unlimited pass for your entire stay for a special price when you are staying in the hotel.  The park is amazing and the unlimited is quite a good deal.  Lots more information (prices of the attractions too) can be found here: http://www.kalahariresorts.com/wi/parks/indoorthemepark/

Q: What is the 'resort fee'?

A: The resort fee is a required daily $30 charge per room ($40 TX & PA.) It helps pay for some of the costs associated with providing the highest level of resort amenities for all Kalahari guests and keeps many things, like the water park passes, complementary.

Q: Any other questions?

A: Any questions or trouble making a reservation? See my Contact Info section.  If your questions are not answered, please e-mail me at donwhiteblock@gmail.com and I'll try my best to get an answer to your question or concern.

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